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Get your business in front of a Huge North East Audience.

North East Business like all businesses now a days rely on a large digital presence not only to survive but also to grow and be highly profitable.

Whether you don’t have that huge local online reach already for your business and need our help or your a business with already a significant online reach but looking to add to that and get more eyes on your business with our large following we can certainly help you.

Our role as well as supplying the North East with news is to look to help local businesses across the region prosper and we have a huge potential customer base for you and we offer lots of different ways to reach them!


If you have a story about your new opening, event, something news worth to shout out we can feature you in as a story. 

This would be on site and our app and shared across our vast social media following.

Our team can create attention grabbing headline, write your article and include links to your website and social media.

Social Media

We have over the years built up a huge social media following and we can get your business out to our followers.

The fastest way to get your advert live and out to our audience.

We can schedule your advert to the exact date and time you want going out with the message you want.

Get your message as you want to our huge North East social media pages…

Video Creation

Our team can come to your business to take a video of your business, a review for example your restaurant or venue.

Our team will come and create a video, edit the footage and publish to all our channels showcasing you visually.

Show off your venue or product the way only video can..

You can have the footage to use too.

Newsletter Advert

Our + North East Updates newsletters are sent to 47,000+ people weekly, get your business as an advert in the newsletter.

Get your business in front of an audience who are looking for offers.

Promote as you like but perhaps a discount may be the most effective way (our team are on hand to offer their advice).

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