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Disney On Ice announces return to Newcastle Arena – here’s how to get tickets



Mickey and a host of favourite characters will skate into Utilita Arena Newcastle from Wednesday, December 6 to Sunday, December 10 2023 celebrating the magic of Disney’s 100th Anniversary with Disney On Ice presents 100 Years of Wonder.

The hugely popular Encanto features in the ice show for the very first time in the UK, when Mickey Mouse is joined by his friends on a journey to discover his favourite memory of all time.

Families will be part of the action and help the gang venture through Disney stories, sharing memorable moments from treasured tales.

Journey to a vibrant town in the mountains of Colombia to meet Mirabel and her family who live in a magical casita in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto.

Sail away with Moana as she displays courage to save her island on a high-seas adventure with the demigod, Maui.

Caroline Ginnane, General Manager of the Utilita Arena Newcastle, added: “We are always delighted to host Disney On Ice here at the arena, and this year’s show is a particularly special celebration heralding Disney’s 100th Anniversary.

“Seeing Encanto for the first time on ice will be a real treat, as well as much loved audience favourites including Moana, Frozen and Toy Story.

“It’s always heart-warming to see families making special memories, singing and dancing along with favourite Disney stars in an enchanting ice spectacular which has become an exciting pre-Christmas treat here at Utilita Arena Newcastle.”

The production will skate into Utilita Arena Newcastle from December 6-10, 2023.

Priority Customers can take advantage of the pre-sale from Friday May 19, 2023 by signing up at

Tickets then go on general sale from Friday May 26, 2023 at

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Yorkie’s ‘not for girls’ advert from 2002 has gone viral and people can’t believe it aired



With over two decades passing, some people are only just discovering the Yorkie ‘not for girls’ advert from 2002, and they can’t believe it.

That’s right, over 20 years have passed and younger generations are only just coming across the advert for Nestle’s thick milk chocolate bar, with mixed opinions on it.

Many can’t believe it made it onto TV, while others think the advert was ‘proper genius’ and ‘just a joke’. Either way, all would agree it probably wouldn’t go down so well today.

The Yorkie slogan in 2002 went as follows: “Five big chunks of masculine chocolate. Yorkie… it’s not for girls.”

The advert shows a woman disguising herself as a man to try to purchase a Yorkie bar from the shop.

But she is challenged by the male shopkeeper to answer a series of ‘manly’ questions to prove her ‘masculinity’ as the bar is branded as ‘not for girls’.
The advert has cropped up again on social media, and many have been sharing their opinions on the ad.

One person recalled: “As a girl I simply accepted the fact I would be arrested for attempting to buy a Yorkie.”

While another chimed in: “Yep, and I remember the massive kick off. I haven’t bought a Yorkie since.”

Others said they thought it was a great marketing tactic from Nestle seeing as it caused many women to head out to buy a bar in defiance, and many men choosing the chocolate while enjoying and benefitting from the ride – a successful marketing campaign, for sure.

Do you remember the advert well? See the video below either for the first time or to brush up on your early 2000’s tv knowledge!

The full video here –


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Sir Michael Parkinson has died.



Broadcaster Sir Michael Parkinson has died at the age of 88, the BBC has announced.

The former journalist was one of British television’s most famous faces through his talk show Parkinson, which initially ran on the BBC from 1971 to 1982.

He relaunched the show on the BBC in 1998 before it moved to ITV in 2004, until he retired the programme in 2007.

Over more than 800 episodes, Sir Michael interviewed some of the world’s most high-profile figures – including Muhammad Ali, Sir Elton John and George Michael – and helped make comedian Sir Billy Connolly a household name.

But despite his long and industrious career, Sir Michael’s 2003 interview with Meg Ryan went down in history as one of his most memorable shows.

The chat show king was faced with a stony-faced Ryan, who delivered one-word answers as she promoted her poorly received erotic thriller The Cut.

More than 20 years later, he offered an apology to the actress and admitted neither of them were on “top form”.

In 2013, Sir Michael revealed he was being treated for prostate cancer – but said he had no intention of stopping working.

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North East football top appears in the new Gal Gadot Netflix film Heart of Stone!



Netflix have released a brand new film starring Gal Gadot, titled “Heart of Stone”. The American spy action thriller is centred around Rachel Stone, an intelligence operative who stands between her powerful global peacekeeping organization and the loss of its most valuable and dangerous asset.

A certain clip from the film has been going around Twitter recently though due to the costume of one of its characters.

During an intense chase scene where Rachel Stone (Gal Gadot) is fleeing from the pursuing gunmen hunting her down, one of the characters can be seen to be wearing none other than Middlesbrough’s home shirt from the 09/10 season!

One Twitter user wrote, “@Borohow the hell did this happen? Sat watching the new @GalGadot film and a bloody Boro fan is trying to kill her!!!”

You can see the clip here! –


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