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Heroic PCs save new-born baby



Two PCs came to two-week old baby’s rescue as he began to choke just days before Christmas.

Avery found her son fighting for his life in Sunderland’s Bridges Shopping Centre.

In desperation, panicked mum flagged down PCs Andy Hutchinson and Lee Fenwick.

With 32 years of experience between them, the PCs didn’t hesitate and Avery and her son were rushed to A&E by blue lights.

PC Hutchinson said: “I’ve seen a lot of things as a police officer and not much phases me – but this certainly put that to the test. I’m just so pleased that Lenny-Lee is safe and well.

“As police officers, we are there to help – to protect the public, whatever the age. You come to work every day hoping to make a difference and I think we certainly managed it that day. It’s a shift I will never forget.”

Baby Lenny-Lee is now on the mend after spending a night at Sunderland Royal Hospital on December 21.

The kind-hearted PCs even gifted him a special police teddy bear for being so brave.

Avery said: “I was in total shock. Lenny-Lee was foaming at the mouth and it was just sheer panic. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Honestly, I can’t remember much about it – it’s all a blur. But thank goodness these two officers were on hand to help. I can’t thank them enough for saving my son’s life.”


North East England True Crime and History Stories and Videos



North East England True Crime and History

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Harvey Barnes Injury worse than thought – Confirmed




Confirmation has come in this morning that Newcastle United Winger Harvey Barnes has been ruled out until 2024.


The winger doesn’t need surgery however the  foot injury will keep him out for 3 months. Eddie  Howe has spoken about the injury: “It’s come at a shocking time for him — he was just finding his rhythm & getting to know what is expected of him.”

 Eddie Howe on Injuries:

“We think he’s going to be out for around three months. No surgery required which is good news but his foot is now in a boot. It’s an injury underneath his toe.

He’s now started his recovery and he’s got to rest to let it recover then we can build him back up again.”

On Callum Wilson and Sven Botman:

“We’re going to see today. Callum has very minor hamstring tightness.

We’ll give him every chance of being available. Same with Sven – we’ll make a late check on him.”

On Emil Krafth:

“Emil will play for the U21s tonight. It’s really, really good to see him come back and hopefully do well today.”

In an exclusive Interview with the North East Update You Tube channel -Wor Flags – Champions League Plans Revealed!

We met with Wor Flags – a follow up interview from our video with them last year where they reveal their Champions League plans, discuss the Newcastle United Documentary, their Andrew Cushin song and appeal for your help, you can see the video below….


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Sycamore Gap: 16-Year-Old Arrested for Deliberate Felling of Iconic Tree at Hadrian’s Wall



Sycamore Gap Tree being destroyed

One of the UK’s most famous trees, located at Sycamore Gap alongside Hadrian’s Wall, has fallen victim to a deliberate act of vandalism. The tree achieved widespread recognition after its appearance in the 1991 film “Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves,” starring Kevin Costner. Its significance goes beyond cinematic fame, as it has been a cherished spot for many, including a place of proposal for one couple. Regrettably, the tranquility of this iconic location has been disrupted by the arrest of a 16-year-old suspect in connection with the tree’s felling.

Superintendent Kevin Waring of Northumbria Police expressed, “This is a world-renowned landmark, and the events of today have caused significant shock, sadness, and anger throughout the local community and beyond.” Authorities are investigating the incident in collaboration with relevant agencies and partners.

In response to the incident, the public has been urged to avoid visiting the site near Crag Lough “while we work with our partners to identify what has happened and to make the site safe.” The National Trust, which manages the land, expressed deep shock and sorrow over the loss of the tree. It’s worth noting that this beloved tree received the title of English Tree of the Year in 2016 from the Woodland Trust.

Brendon Hayward, who proposed to his now-wife Sinead beneath the tree in January 2019, expressed his profound disappointment, saying, “The tree was precious to me because I’d hoped we could revisit it as a family as our children got older. I chose the place to propose because the tree would grow with time and hopefully be there in 50 or 100 years. I’m gutted.”

The incident has stirred emotions on social media, with many expressing sadness and outrage, using words like “horrific” and “sickening” to describe the act.

Sycamore Gap, nestled along Hadrian’s Wall with the Roman Milecastle 39 to its left, was under the care of both Northumberland National Park and the National Trust. Photographer Steven Lomas, expressing his sorrow on social media, said, “I can’t even begin to describe how sad I am that the most beautiful and famous tree in England, Sycamore Gap, has either been cut down or blew down. I am pretty devastated that the place I love most in Northumberland is essentially no more.”

Kim McGuinness, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria, lamented the loss, stating, “I’m devastated that the famous Sycamore is gone. That tree was ours. An iconic North East landmark.”

The tree’s disappearance leaves a void in the landscape that has been cherished for nearly two centuries, with Andrew Poad, the Trust’s General Manager for Hadrian’s Wall and Tyne Valley, acknowledging its significance: “The tree has been an important and iconic feature in the landscape for nearly 200 years and means a lot to the local community and to anyone who has visited the site.”

Authorities have appealed for information from the public regarding the incident, hoping to bring those responsible to justice.


See the police statement issued earlier today – Police issue Statement regarding the Sycamore Gap Tree being destroyed (




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