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Historian seeks Tyneside UFO society



Social historian Neil Storey in on the hunt for decedents of a society that have collected hundreds of UFO sighting reports.

Which researching in Newcastle library, Story found Tyneside UFO Society’s (Tufos) archives. He has said there were hundreds of eyewitness accounts from between 1950 and 1970.

The historian, who has written books on subjects including crime and World War Two spies, said he had an “open mind” about UFOs. There was a surge of sightings in the wake of World War Two when RAF pilots and observers reporting seeing unexplainable phenomena.

“There are things in the sky that we cannot explain. The quest for what they are continues.”

Experts have analysed some of the pictures in the Tufos archives, some offering an easy explanation but others holding a few questions over them.

One photo in particular caught the eye of Neil Storey. It was taken over Pallion in Sunderland in the late 1950s or early 1960s, adding: “That’s the one I think is strange.” The photo shows a string of light over the area in a bizarre way that can’t be explained by any moving object that we are aware of.

“I think it’s all absolutely fascinating and is a part of our history that should be properly charted.” Storey has said.

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Best of North East

The fantastic ‘pad’ for seriously ill children and their families, opening in memory of Bradley Lowery



This is the incredible ‘pad’ where sick children can go for a well-deserved break with their families – and it is all in the name of Bradley Lowery.

‘Super Brad’s Pad’ is taking shape and could soon become a haven for people to ‘make memories’.

It will have five bedrooms, play rooms, a hot tub, enclosed garden and lots of other top-notch facilities.

It is all being made possible by the Bradley Lowery Foundation and the fantastic members of the public who are supporting it with donations.
But more help is needed to make sure fundraising targets are hit and here’s your chance to give support.
Bradley’s mum Gemma Lowery, who started the Foundation, said: “Families can spend days, weeks, months in hospital with a seriously ill child and being able to have a short getaway makes the world of difference to all of the families. 

“We want children to have the opportunities Bradley had when he wasn’t in hospital, we want parents to relax and enjoy each others company, away from the day to day life of being in hospital.”

Super Brad’s Pad will cater for up to 10 people per visit, so that ‘grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins can also enjoy being a part of the experience’ said the Foundation.

The aim is for the home to host around 100 families per year.

Fundraising was paused, and the holiday build was put on hold, during the pandemic.

But it is back in full swing and Gemma said the build was ‘coming along nicely’.

She added: “Every donation no matter how big or small means everything to us.”

Bradley touched the hearts of people all over the world. In 2017, he won a Child of Courage trophy at the Best of Wearside Awards.

Bradley lost his fight to neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer, in July of 2017.

Gemma founded the Bradley Lowery Foundation and started the charity which became a beacon of hope.

Since it was founded, it has raised more than £3million for dozens of poorly children.

It has also established a dedicated support line for the families of children with cancer, donated huge sums of money to researching childhood cancers and campaigned for new drugs to be introduced in the UK.

Gemma said: “Fundraising is hard for all charities at the moment. We appreciate every penny that is donated, especially because we still have £200,000 to finish the holiday home we are building in Scarborough.”

To found out more about the Foundation, visit

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Phillip Schofield admits affair with much younger man!



Phillip Schofield admits affair with much younger man

Phillip Schofield has today confessed to having an affair with a much younger male ITV employee all while he was in his marriage and has now left This Morning.


The Daily Mail published his statement to when his agents also revealed they are parting from Phil with immediate affect.


Phillip said he was “deeply sorry” for lying about the relationship to ITV, his colleagues, friends and agents.


while he was still married and revealed he is stepping down from all roles at the broadcaster.

His admission came in a statement published in the Daily Mail, shortly before his agents also revealed they were parting company with him with immediate effect.


His now former agents YMU Group, said ‘honesty and integrity are core values to their business’ and that their relationships are “based entirely on trust”.



Mary Bekhait Group CEO said “important new information” “contradicted” what he had previously told them.

“As a result, on Thursday we agreed to part company with Phillip, with immediate effect,” she added.


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Best of North East

Lilidorei playground at Alnwick Gardens officially opens in time for May half-term holidays



Christmas came early as the Duchess of Northumberland cut the ribbon on the world’s largest play structure at the Alnwick Garden.

Hundreds of children were present for the opening of Lilidorei, a magical village where it’s Christmas year-round. It is home to nine clans; including elves, hobgoblins and fairies; who worship the festive season, The clans are based around the six-slided Elfwin Drin, the central structure which at 26 metres, is taller than the Angel of the North.

The magical play park has been 12 years in the making and the designs have come from the imagination of the Duchess of Northumberland, Jane Percy. It was also supported by a £15 million-plus investment as part of the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal.

It is hoped that the attraction will bring 200,000 visitors to Northumberland, many expected outside of the busy summer high season. The Duchess of Northumberland spoke of her delight at seeing the project come to life saying: “I’m very happy because I’m not seeing any children on their mobile phones!

“That was the point of Lilidorei, put your phones away and use your imagination and play and wonder what’s going on. Lilidorei is a village there are a lot of questions and no answers and that’s great, you do not see children on their mobile phones, incredible.”

You can book tickets here

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