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Newcastle Vs. Sunderland – Charity Tournament – – NUFC vs SAFC



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Newcastle Vs. Sunderland

In the name or raising awareness and donations to local homeless charities (with this winter some of Newcastle and Sunderland’s biggest bloggers, vloggers and musicians came together with for the ultimate fun day out competition to see who has the bragging rights!

You can donate to the Peoples Kitchen and North East Homeless Christmas meal at where you can donate £5 and give a warm Christmas meal to those less fortunate in the North East this Christmas.

A special thank you to all of those involved who gave up their time off to get behind this great cause to hopefully raise as much as possible for those in real need.

Want to get involved With NE Bubble Football?

Everyone right now is talking about how great Bubble football is, get involved! Now you and your friends will be able to join in on the fun! For just £20 a head! Bubble Football in North East England is an alternative and crazy way of playing the beautiful sport.

While wearing a Zorbing-like inflatable bubble you are encouraged to bounce, smack and crash into each other whilst fighting for possession. There is no room in Bubble Football for fancy footwork whether you are male/ female, regardless if you have never touched a ball before.

Everyone can play, no football skills required! The age limit is 8 years old and above, players must be around at least 130 cm tall and weigh no more then 22 stone for the size the bubbles we possess.

NE bubble football hosts games for as small as eight people with no maximum numbers and can travel to anywhere in the North East and nationwide. If you wish to organise larger groups to participate just contact through NE bubble football’s email;

No matter what number of players you require NE bubble football can provide the equipment needed to ensure your group gets the best experience possible. Not only will your group include Bubble Football themselves but mini-games including last man standing, kings, dizzy penalties and many more.

Located in Kenton Park Sports Centre NE3 1JQ, very close to Newcastle city Centre, or availability to travel anywhere in the north east depending on availability. All that’s needed is hire of your favorite / closest pitch. Simply arrange a date and suitable time subject to availability.

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North East England True Crime and History Stories and Videos



North East England True Crime and History

Here in the North East of England there are iconic True crime and stories some of which you may already be familiar with and some others you may have never heard of before. Sit back and watch our videos exploring the historical stories from the North East days gone by…


Firstly we look through the regions most haunted places and then include the question where do you think is the most haunted place, have we missed it off our list ?

Next we look at The Lintz Green Station Murder a story that may only be known by crime buffs but we explore for you..

Mary Bell – The second in our North East true crime series follows the story of the murders of two young boys in Newcastle in 1968. Little did the police know an eleven year old would be behind it all…


The first in our North East history series follows the story of local sea heroine Grace Darling- the story of local sea heroine Grace Darling..


We investigate into Newcastle Town Moor being one of the biggest witch trials in England’s history back in 1650! Did you know Newcastle’s Town Moor used to be home to the cities infamous gallows?

STAFF REVEAL ALL! Chillingham Castle – Working at one of the UK’s MOST HAUNTED LOCATIONS! PART 1

Chillingham Castle staff member spills all – explains all of the haunted goings on at one the UK’s most haunted castles and locations. Part two below too…



The History of Durham Cathedral – We take a delve into Durham Cathedral’s extraordinary history…


Discover Newcastle’s Hidden History On This Time-traveling Tour – combining new and old photos of Newcastle upon Tyne it shows how thigs were in comparison to the current day in this fabulous video…


Next we explore the Victoria Tunnels – Newcastle Upon Tyne’s World War 2 Hideout!


Next follow us around Newcastle Upon Tyne with a guide for a Medieval History Tour through time!

Next we look at Wet and Wild – an iconic venue of the North East – see footage from inside the currently abandoned venue and compare the spooky footage to how you remember it for a very nostalgic video…


Next see some of the best footage you will ever see of Newcastle Upon Tyne all in amazing 4k – unmissable!


Next see not only the best drone footage of Newcastle but of the whole North East visiting all the iconic locations all over the North East…

The Manhunt For Raoul Moat – UK True Crime Documentary

Next in our North-East true crime series is the 2010 manhunt for Raoul Moat. The killer famously went on a week-long revenge killing spree around areas of the North East including Gateshead, Newcastle and Rothbury. Do you remember this happening?

Top 10 Surprising Sunderland Facts (No.1 is out of this world!)

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Sunderland – Part 2

Top 10 Surprising Newcastle Facts (No.1 Highly Controversial


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Wor Flags – Champions League Plans Revealed!



Wor Flags - Newcastle United NUFC Interview

We met with Wor Flags – a follow up interview from our video with them last year where they reveal their Champions League plans, discuss the Newcastle United Documentary, their Andrew Cushin song and appeal for your help, you can see the video below….




Our For Flags interview last year –


Wor Flags Donation link –


You can see some of our other North East Update Youtube videos below..






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STAFF REVEAL ALL! Working at one of the UK’s MOST HAUNTED LOCATIONS Chillingham Castle – WATCH VIDEO!



Chillingham Castle - a UKS most Haunted location

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Northumberland, England, lies a medieval fortress that has long captured the imagination of history enthusiasts and ghost hunters alike. Chillingham Castle, a structure with a rich and haunting history, stands as a testament to centuries of human drama and suffering. With its ghostly reputation and tales of paranormal activity, Chillingham Castle has earned its place as one of the most haunted locations in the United Kingdom.


We visited the haunted castle to speak to the staff who have worked there for years to not only to get their stories to see if there was any real truth behind the stories as well as asking them stories of customer stories all whilst giving us a tour of the castle – we had to split this into two shocking videos as it was so fascinating we did not want to miss anything. See below and follow our YouTube channel for more local videos… See below more of the haunted history of the castle……





A Medieval Masterpiece

Chillingham Castle’s history dates back to the 12th century when it was originally constructed as a monastery. Over the years, the castle underwent numerous renovations and expansions, eventually transforming into a formidable medieval fortress. Its striking stone walls, towers, and drawbridge evoke a sense of awe and wonder, but beneath its picturesque exterior lies a dark and mysterious past.

The Grey Lady and Other Ghostly Residents

One of the most famous apparitions said to haunt Chillingham Castle is the Grey Lady, believed to be the spirit of Lady Mary Berkeley. Lady Mary was a noblewoman who lived during the 17th century and was married to Lord Grey of Wark. Legend has it that Lady Mary died tragically, and her restless spirit has since been seen wandering the castle’s halls in a flowing grey gown. Witnesses have reported eerie encounters with her ghostly figure, often accompanied by a sudden drop in temperature and an overwhelming feeling of unease.

The Torture Chamber

One of the darkest chapters in Chillingham Castle’s history lies hidden beneath its stone walls—the infamous torture chamber. During the medieval period, this chamber was used to interrogate and torture prisoners in the most gruesome ways imaginable. The tormented souls of those who suffered in this chamber are said to still linger within its confines. Visitors have reported hearing agonizing screams, moans, and the rattling of chains, all echoing from the castle’s dark past.

The Blue Boy

Another chilling legend surrounding Chillingham Castle involves the ghost of a young boy, known as the Blue Boy. This apparition is said to appear in one of the castle’s bedrooms, where a hidden room was discovered behind a wooden panel. The Blue Boy’s identity remains a mystery, but his presence is marked by eerie blue lights, strange noises, and an unsettling feeling of being watched.

The Haunting Atmosphere

Beyond these well-known specters, Chillingham Castle exudes an eerie atmosphere that has captivated paranormal investigators for decades. Visitors have reported a sense of unease and a feeling of being constantly watched. Some have even experienced unexplained phenomena such as flickering lights, mysterious shadows, and ghostly voices echoing through the halls.

Investigations and Paranormal Activity

Chillingham Castle has become a hotspot for paranormal investigations and has been featured on various television programs, including “Most Haunted” and “Ghost Hunters International.” Investigators have used advanced equipment to capture evidence of ghostly activity, including electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recordings and photographs capturing unexplained apparitions.


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