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Sam Fender To Give Another Brit Award to Low Lights Tavern in North Shields



North Shields legend Sam Fender may be making waves in music around the world but he’s never forgotten his roots.

And when he’s not travelling the world, he and his band enjoy popping in for a few pints in their local pub the Low Lights Tavern.

The ‘Seventeen Going Under’ star already has one Brit under his belt, having been chosen as the recipient of the Critics Choice award back in 2019. But this year, the alternative musician is up for three awards at this year’s Brit Awards with the public voting for one of them.

He’s up for Artist of the Year, Album of the Year and Best Rock/Alternative this year – the winner of the latter is chosen by the public. Users of TikTok will be able to cast up to ten votes per category, per day, with vote limits resetting at midnight GMT every night for the duration of the voting window.

Sam took to Instagram to try get fans behind him. It was in this video that he promised to put the Brit on display at his beloved Low Lights Tavern should he win.

Explaining how the Brits public vote works this year, he said: “I’ve been nominated for a Brit Award, well for three; but there’s one that’s fan voted and it’s voted for on TikTok.

“So, if you can, you can vote for us 10 times a day if you’re that much of a legend.

“So I can have another Brit Award and put it on the pub and turn it into a bar bump again.”

Sam already gave the North Shields pub his first Brit to make into a beer pump. Cameron Boyd, who owns the Low Lights with Danny Higney, said the whole community is behind him.

“Everybody loves to see him doing well, all the local people are behind him, he’s got the whole of North Shields behind him.

“He’s proud of where he comes from, he’s not a Newcastle lad, he’s a North Shields lad and he’s so supportive of the little town he’s come from. It’s really important to him.”

Sam released his second studio album ‘Seventeen Going Under’ in October last year. This followed his debut release ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ back in 2019.

You can vote for Sam via the social vote here!

Be quick though, as voting closes in just eight days time at 6pm GMT Thursday February 3.

The winners will be revealed at the Brit Awards ceremony on Tuesday February 8 at The O2 arena, which will be broadcast on ITV.

Good luck Sam! The North-East are all behind you!

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Ed Sheeran Cancels Sunderland Stadium of Light Gig



Some bad news for local Ed Sheeran fans this morning as it has been announced that one of his gigs at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light has been cancelled due to a ‘scheduling conflict’.

There was great excitement last year when it was announced that the Thinking Out Loud singer would be bringing his latest tour to Wearside over three consecutive nights, following the huge success of his latest album and number 1 singles Bad Habits and Shivers. The Brit winner was all set to play the Stadium of Light on June 2, 3 and 4, but the first night, the Thursday, has now been scrapped due to scheduling issue.

Those who have tickets for the Thursday, June 2 are being offered tickets for one of the other shows, with those affected sent emails informing them on the cancellation. The statement in the email reads: “We regrettably must inform you that due to a scheduling conflict, the show at Sunderland ‘s Stadium of Light on Thursday, June 2 is unable to take place. We’re still very excited for the Friday and Saturday gigs.”

Ticket holders affected are being offered tickets for either the Friday or the Saturday or a refund.

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Where is the ‘Canoe Man’ John Darwin Now?



Two decades after Hartlepool prison officer John Darwin attempted to fake his own death in a canoeing ‘accident’, ITV aired a dramatised version of the bizarre events.

The former prison officer paddled out to sea in a canoe near his family home at Seaton Carew, near Hartlepool, before ditching the vessel to give the impression that he drowned. The ‘Canoe Man’ had attempted to disappear in 2002 in order for his wife Anne to claim life insurance money before being caught out in 2007 and jailed for six years for the fraud. After his disappearance in March 2002, a large-scale search involving the scouring of 62 square miles of coastline looked to have confirmed the worst, as only a single paddle and then the wreckage of his kayak was discovered.

For much of Darwin’s missing five years, he had been living in secret in his own home in the seaside resort of Seaton Carew, where he shared a bed with his wife. When family and friends visited and his sons returned from the inquest into his alleged death, Darwin hid in a bedsit next door that was accessed through a passageway hidden behind the door of a fake cupboard.

Darwin later admitted that he would carry out DIY on the front of his family home and even walked around his area disguised as an old man – even as his two now grown-up sons Anthony and Mark continued to grieve for him thinking he was dead. The couple even lied to their own children as they attempted to claim pension, benefits and insurance to clear nearly £700,000 before they were caught.

Just under a year after he disappeared, Darwin turned up at his family home looking ‘an absolute mess’, his wife said.She claimed that she had really believed he was dead before he turned up.

‘Although I was pleased he was still alive, I think deep down a part of me was always angry,’ she said.

‘To think of what he put us all through. He had basically come back expecting me to forgive him.’

She claimed that she wanted to report what he had done but he then threatened to say she had been involved from the start, so she was ‘trapped’. At the inquest into his disappearance in April 2003, Mrs Darwin was able to have her husband declared dead, even though the seven years that is usually needed after someone has gone missing had not yet passed.

The couple eventually decided to leave Seaton Carew and move to Panama City to start a new life together before their secret was exposed by the discovery of an infamous photo of them posing in a Panama real estate office in July 2006. Darwin, stole the identity of a dead baby named John Jones.

The family home was sold and the couple spent several months together in Panama after they had bought a £50,000 two-bed apartment in a suburb of Panama City. They also hoped to open a canoeing centre for eco-tourists.

But Darwin then wanted to return to the UK because, Mrs Darwin said, he missed his sons. He said he would claim to have suffered amnesia.

The famous Panama photo, 2006

Knowing there was a viral photograph of them in Panama, Darwin walked into a police station in December 2007 and said he thought he was a ‘missing person’ but said he could not remember anything that had happened in the past five years.

When their two sons were called to the police station to be reunited with their father, the couple had to pretend to be astonished as they too saw each other again.

During their time in prison, the couple divorced with John citing ‘unreasonable  behaviour’ as a reason for the split. John moved to Manila and remarried after the divorce to Filipino woman Mercy Mae Avila Darwin, 48.

In 2008, after the scandal made national headlines, John was found guilty on deception charges and jailed for six years and three months. Anne was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in jail for fraud and money-laundering charges. After her release from prison, Anne Darwin moved to a village near York and was able to get a job with the RSCPA thanks to qualifications she gained in prison.

ITV drama about John and Anne Darwin’s fraud. The Thief, His Wife and The Canoe airs in April.

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