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The aftermath of Sue Gray’s report for the PM



Following the publication of Sue Gray’s report, Boris Johnson faced a gruelling appearance in the House of Commons on Monday.

The Prime Minister was heavily criticised by opposition as well as MPs from his own party expressing their outrage.

In his statement, Johnson apologised “for all the things we simply did not get right and sorry for the way that this matter has been handled.”

The initial inquiry revealed there was a “serious failure to observe not just the high standards expected of those at the heart of Government but also of the standards expected of the entire British population at the time.”

Kier Starmer kicked off the criticsm speaking of “rage and even guilt” felt by the public for abiding by the rules in light of the incidents.

The Labour leader said: “A collective trauma endured by all, enjoyed by none. Funerals have been missed, dying relatives unvisited.

“Every family has been marked by what we have been through and revelations about the Prime Minister’s behaviour have forced us all to rethink and relive those darkest moments.”

Sir Ed Davey called for the PM to resign, because he has caused “enormous hurt.”

The Lib-Dem Leader described “a loss that is literally beyond words,” as he spoke of parents who had lost children during the pandemic.

He said: “Many had to bury their children alone, many couldn’t be there with them at the end. Meanwhile, No 10 partied.”

A heated outburst by Ian Blackford forced him to leave the Commons.

After he repeatedly refused to change his statement accusing the PM of lying to the House of Commons to that he “unintentionally mislead,” Sir Lindsay Hoyle kicked him out.

Theresa May asked if the PM didn’t read the rule, didn’t understand the rules, or whether he didn’t think they applied to him, demanding to know: “Which is it?”

Boris Johnson acknowledged on Monday there are changes that need to be made.

Click here to see Sue Gray’s report.

The PM said Sue Gray’s report found, “there is significant learning to be drawn from these events, which must be addressed immediately across government. This does not need to wait for the police investigations to be concluded.

“That is why we are making changes now to the way Downing Street and the Cabinet Office run, so that we can get on with the job that I was elected to do Mr Speaker and the job this government was elected to do.”

Johnson explained an Office of the Prime Minister with a Permanent Secretary will be created to lead No 10 and that the Civil Service and Special Advisor codes of contact will not only be reviewed but enforced.

The PM also said steps will be taken to improve No 10 operations and the work of the Cabinet Office to strengthen Cabinet Government and to improve the vital connection between No 10 and parliament.

He said: “I get it and I will fix it.”

Click here to read the PMs full statement.

However, Johnson accused Starmer of “political opportunism.”

Throughout the session, the PM reiterated that people need to wait until the police investigation has been complete.

On Monday evening, Johnson met with his entire Conservative party in a bid to save his premiership.

This comes as there are growing signs that his own party is losing faith in him.

Angela Richardson, Conservative MP for Guildford, resigned as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Michael Grove, following the report’s findings.

The incident has led Tory MP Andrew Mitchel to change from “full-throated support” to announcing the PM “no longer enjoys my support.”

Conservative MP Aaron Bell spoke of his grandmother’s funeral, describing how he was unable to hug his relatives.

Bell asked: “Does the prime minister think I am a fool?”

Although the session in House of Commons on Monday was dominated by criticism, a select few Conservative MPs remained in support of the PM.

Starmer voiced his opinion on what Conservatives should do now: “The eyes of this country are upon them. They will be judged by the decisions they take now.”

Prior to it’s release, MPs warned Johnson would lose their support if the report wasn’t published in full.

Although the PM was true to his word, Sue Gray revealed she was “extremely limited” in what she could say due the ongoing police investigation with only “minimal reference” allowed to be made to the events.


The top civil servant said it prevented a “meaningful” inquiry from being published.

Downing Street have said that an updated version will be released once their investigation is complete.

No 10 confirmed that the PM “will ask Sue Gray to update her work in light of what is found.”

One of the incidents in question is a gathering held at the PMs Downing Street flat on 13 November 2020.

A vote of no confidence will be triggered if 15% of Conservative MPs write to the 1922 Committee.

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